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SP3D’s News | 18 May 2017

50 Qualified 3D Printing Providers Are Ready To

Serve In 5 Continents!

To this date, 50 enterprising 3D printing providers from 20 different countries across 5 continents have become part of our global network after going through a highly-selective and rigorous qualification process. With a rapidly increasing number of service providers showing their interest in collaborating with us, we are ambitious to bring 120 suppliers to our network by the end of this year.

Say “NO” To Quality Deviation Everywhere!

– A Smart Network With Standard Quality 

Ensuring consistency and the highest levels of quality can seem like a mountainous task in such a large network. Therefore, we operate an indigenously-developed and standard manufacturing and qualification process within the whole network to ensure quality consistency, which has been carefully pre-defined at our HQ Engineering Office.

SP3D has designed a meticulous multistep process for evaluating and qualifying providers. Evaluation helps us in aligning on different metrics such as quality, repeatability, and accuracy on the parts.

We know that any dip in performance from suppliers at the most elementary levels can lead to cascading consequences for the customer, therefore we take a serious view of the qualification process for suppliers, creating a ‘firewall’ to prevent unscrupulous suppliers from joining the network and causing any disruption to the supply chain.