MINI: Utilising 3D-Printing for Personalisation

MINI has often differentiated itself by offering an extensive range of customisation services for consumers. Any combination ranging from the car body, roof, mirror and wheels can be personalised in terms of design or colour. 

3D-Printing for Customisation

“Individualization has always been a big topic with Mini,” said Thomas Schmitz, product manager of Mini Yours Customized. “Now we want to take individualization to the next level.”  Consumers now have the choice of not only colours and design but are able to fully customise entire parts of their cars. Working together with HP, 3D printing allows for engravings in the customer’s own handwriting.

The Rise of Mass Personalisation

Mass personalisation is quickly becoming a reality, with 1 in 4 consumers willing to pay more for personalised products or services. What serves as a competitive advantage for MINI today may become commonplace in the near future with the continued proliferation of 3D-Printing.