3D Printing is Transportation Main Threat, states PwC

Transportation firms should pay attention to 3D printing, says PwC global strategy consulting team. Objects made using 3D printing has generally fewer parts than a traditionally manufactured item, thanks to design simplification. Moreover, 3D printed objects are generally made locally: as no tooling is needed, production is easily distributed amongst a network of providers. Those changes benefit both manufacturers and customers, as supply chain costs are cut. At the same time, it is sad news for transportation companies, which will have to adapt to the additive manufacturing disruption. The whole consumer good industry is not to be transformed by 3D printing, yet fully 41% of air cargo and 37% of ocean container shipments are threatened by 3D printing, key figures which give a good idea of the potential impact of additive manufacturing.


Here you can find the full article: Things are going so well for freight firms that it’s time to start worrying about the next real danger to the industry: 3D printing.