Adidas works on a 3D-Printed Personalized Shoe

News from the 3D printing industry | 22 November 2021

Adidas, the sportswear manufacturer, is working on a 3D printed personalized shoe. This is the Futurecraft 3D project, run in cooperation with the additive manufacturing expert Materialise. Adidas wants to provide athletes with customized support and cushioning for their feet.  In order to make a personalized midsole for every customer, specific treadmills will be set in Adidas stores, so that customers’ stride can be analysed. In addition, their feet will be scanned, so that the midsole can be 3P printed to match their exact contours and pressure points. Thanks to a 3D printing machine set in the retail store, the midsole can be manufactured within an hour. Adidas will offer an unrivalled customization experience to his customers, and increased performance thanks to personalized shoes.

Mass customization is a major opportunity brought by 3D printing: it enables anyone to benefit from a highly customized product. This property is especially exciting when it comes to products that can be adapted to the shape of the body: glasses, shoes, any kind of prosthesis. Adidas takes a lead in the 3D printing mass customization capabilities, and this is exciting news for every athlete’s feet.

 And if you want to explore the Futurecraft 3D project, here you will find the full article:

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