CNH Industrial: Its first 3D Spare Parts for Buses and Agricultural Equipment!

News from the 3D printing industry | 15 November 2021

At the beginning of March, CNH Industrial announced that it has taken a huge step in the implementation of Additive Manufacturing technology by printing its first four 3D printed spare parts. CNH first 3D spare parts are made for buses and agricultural equipment and are printed in plastic. Each product can be printed within 24 to 36 hours.

Line-up of Iveco (a CNH Industrial brand) buses and other vehicles, image via CNH Industrial website

CNH Industrial says that it is now conducting further tests for future production of metal 3D printing parts for another range of product. The company shows its willingness to produce “a full range of parts and promptly respond to all types of needs at every stage of the product’s lifecycle”.

For CNH Industrial the implementation of Additive Manufacturing is an innovative way “ to manufacture components and spare parts, providing its customers with rapid availability and support throughout the product’s lifecycle.”

In the industrial manufacturing sector, taking the way of subtractive manufacturing methods is expensive and can create huge costs in waste material. According to, a final part might use 30-60% of the original block of material and the rest of it is just waste. Therefore, the material waste cost can potentially reach from few dollars to thousands of dollars if you made a huge part.

On the contrary, Additive Manufacturing can save material waste cost up to 95%. And in addition, you don’t have inventory storage cost. In fact, the advantages of Additive Manufacturing are huge: capacity for local and on-demand manufacturing, suitability for producing one-off or small series, less inventory and smarter management of stock.

3D printing is a leading way to enhance productivity and pursue more sustainable manufacturing process.

For its part, CNH says, 3D printing  “offers significant sustainability advantages including the optimization of raw materials, energy usage and the overall manufacturing and supply chain.

About CNH Industrial: it is one of the world’s largest capital goods company, is known for designing and manufacturing equipment and parts for agricultural, construction and transport sectors. CNH Industrial manufactures a wide range of goods, including tractors and agricultural machinery, earth-moving equipment, commercial trucks, buses, quarry and construction vehicles, firefighting vehicles, and engines and transmissions. It has 66 manufacturing plants and 53 research and development centres in 180 countries.