DNVGL Releases First Additive Manufacturing Certification for Marine Industry

Additive manufacturing is poised to be the next game changer for manufacturing within the marine and shipping industry. DNV GL, one of the world’s largest classification and certification body is taking on a leading role in facilitating the introduction of this new technology to the industry. A feasibility and pilot study on 3D-printed products showed highly promising results for companies incorporating additive manufacturing in their business processes.

A Game Changer

Desktop 3D printers are appearing in shipyard workshops and aboard rigs, where they can be used to produce long-tail spare parts or for prototyping purposes. However, it is with the recent advancements of metal 3D printing that has garnered the most attention.

Marit Norheim, Vice President of Hull, Materials & Machinery at DNV GL Maritime says, “If products and components can be printed as needed locally or even on board a ship, this is truly a disruptive innovation for the supply chain. This could be a game changer.” 

Additive manufacturing is impacting marine and offshore in the same way as the automotive and aerospace industry. Digital online inventories reduce stock inventories and the entire spare parts process chain is fully optimised. “Suddenly everyone is paying attention,” adds, Norheim, ”The implications for stakeholders throughout the industry are enormous.” 

Embracing 3D Printing Opportunities

The new guidelines acts as an assurance that additive manufactured parts having the exact dimensions and product capabilities as parts fabricated with traditional technologies. This will not only help to boost sales for suppliers but also allow end users to have confidence in using these products in their vessels and rigs.

DNV GL Certification Process

“It is an opportunity that should be embraced, rather than a challenge the industry should try and resist. We are ready to certify, and ready to support,” says Ramesh Babu Goindaraj, Principal Material Specialist at DNV GL, “This really is a new dimension, and we look forward to helping our customers discover its potential.”

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For more information about the first Additive Manufacturing certification for Marine Industry, please read the full 3dprintingindustry.com article or visit directly the DNV GL’s full guideline report.