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SP3D’s News | 12 November 2021

Global network

60 Qualified 3D Printers ready to serve on 5 continents!

To date, 60 ventures 3D printing providers from 30 different countries over 5 continents have joined our global network after going through a highly selective and rigorous qualification process.

We are proud to evolve with our partners in a win-win relationship of trust and transparency. The tight communication we maintain with them helps us to use the printing capabilities with an optimum quality and price for our customers.

Our team of engineers designed a standard multistep process for evaluating and qualifying providers. Evaluation helps us aligning on different metrics (quality, repeatability, and parts’ accuracy) and helps the 3D printers to reach an international standard quality level. 

Map of the SP3D's network around the world

Map of SP3D’s network around the world

Avoid any quality deviation over various locations: A smart and qualitative network with SP3D

Ensuring consistency and the highest levels of quality can seem like a mountainous task in such a large network. Therefore, we operate an indigenously-developed and standard manufacturing and qualification process within the whole network to ensure quality consistency.

The value chain we established tend to remove any risk related to the human factor. Engineering is processed in our headquarter in Singapore and act as the backbone of decentralized production around the world.

We achieved a distributed quality insurance framework for the 3D printers to give them a quality reference. Following our qualified production instructions, we manage by having control over the input as well as the output. Eventually, we also take care of the dynamic recalibration of printing assets to avoid any potential machinery deviation.

We know that any dip in performance from suppliers at the most elementary levels can lead to cascading consequences for the customer. Therefore we take are very careful about the qualification process for suppliers, allowing only trustworthy suppliers joining our network.

With a rapidly increasing number of service providers showing their interest in collaborating with us, our ambition is to bring 120 suppliers to our network by the end of 2019.