HP and Jabil: A 3D printing partnership to revolutionize manufacturing

News from the 3D printing industry | 22 November 2021

HP, the leader in classical printing industry, has been working on 3D printing for years, and launched its first machines in 2014. HP is now partnering with Jabil, one of the largest and most operationally advanced design and manufacturing solution companies in the world. They announced in may 2016 that together, they want to disrupt the traditional supply chain and manufacturing industry. Jabil wants to implement 3D printers in its factories to benefit from the flexibility of additive manufacturing, and chose HP for this purpose.

At Spare Parts 3D, we also believe that 3D printing is meant to disrupt the supply chain, although our opinion is slightly different. Using traditional logistics hubs to distribute production means that distribution is not pushed to its limits: supply chain is not as reduced as it could be. This is why we leverage on a dense network of outsourcers which enables us to produce the closest to the consumer, reducing transportation to the last mile. We outline our prespective in this article.

And if you want to learn more about the HP & Jabil partnership, find the full article here