SEB deploys 3D printing on Spare Parts to extend its products lifetime

22 November 2021

SEB, the world leader in small household equipment, launched in 2015 an ambitious reparability policy: the 10-year repairable guarantee. This approach is beneficial for both customers and the environment, as states the company’s motto: “Responsible today to live better tomorrow”. SEB believes that 3D printing is the best way to ensure a lifetime supply of spare parts. Indeed, 3D printing enables to produce spares on-demand, whenever they’re needed: the stock shortage risk is eliminated once and for all. Since May 2016, repairs made with parts printed on demand have proved their value and usefulness.

At Spare Parts 3D, we share the idea that 3D printing spare parts is the key to functional obsolescence. In addition, we decided to distribute our production, leveraging on an extensive network of providers, so that transportation is reduced (decreased costs, quick delivery). 


Here you can find the full article: SEB uses 3D Printing to Improve Repairability