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The era of cars painted in any colour as long as it is black is over. Customers demand more tailor-made objects, from shade to measurements. We are going from customization, when the manufacturer offers different options to his customer, to customerization, when both customer and manufacturer are involved in the product creation.

Therefore, manufacturers need to interact with their customers on a regional scale in order to adapt locally and rapidly, which is made possible by a distributed infrastructure equipped with not only communication means, but also manufacturing means. Similar to how the internet has enabled the distributed communication, we strongly believe at Spare Parts 3D, that 3D printing will enable distributed production.

Before implementing such model, manufacturers need to overcome critical issues brought by distributed manufacturing: quality, costs, and intellectual property management.

This is what Spare Parts 3D aims at providing you with, so that together, we build up a new manufacturing system delivering tomorrow’s services!

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