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Spare Parts 3D integre Generate du GICAT

Six nouvelles start-ups rejoignent notre accélérateur d’innovation #GENERATE en cette fin d’année. Félicitations à NEXSTUN, LINGUANOMICS RD, Original Custom Components, MidGard, Spare Parts 3D et Cyberzen pour leur intégration après délibération du jury ! Un dernier cru 2022 qui regroupe des secteurs d’activité très diversifiés : fabrication additive, solutions de protection cyber et de cloud, aide à l’automatisation, alliages de matériaux ou encore solutions innovantes […]

Spare Parts 3D introduced its Additive Manufacturing solution to key Saudi Stakeholders during the French Fab Booster accelerator program

Spare Parts 3D (SP3D) is a French startup that helps manufacturers digitalize their spare parts inventory through additive manufacturing. They were part of the first French-Saudi French Fab Booster accelerator program that took place in Saudi Arabia from the 14th to the 24th of November launched by Business France, the national agency supporting the international […]


Qualification of 3D printed parts

Certification of individual 3D printed parts require long, complex, and expensive operations. While dealing with large quantities, it would be more realistic to certify the whole manufacturing process, further leading to certification of the parts produced within the process.
At Spare Parts 3D, we apply systematic standard requirements and associated test procedures for 3D printing processes. This way we can hedge risks and ensure the same levels of fidelity that are seen in conventional processes (casting, forging, machining).