SP3D CSR: 3D Printing Innovation for Sustainability

Spare Parts 3D’s solution has a directly positive impact on environmental protection thanks to 3D printing technology.

The Spare Parts 3D Story: 4 Reasons Why We Decided to 3D Print Spare Parts

At Spare Parts 3D, we strongly believe that additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a game-changer for the manufacturing and supply chain industries.

Reap the Fruit of Spare Parts Business

In the servitization era, companies should focus on spare parts management, a crucial component of customer relation as well as a profitable sector.

Eventually Shortening the Supply Chain: A 3D printing revolution

3D printing enables companies to Shorten and Simplify the Supply Chain, thanks to extensively Distributed Production

3D Printing – A Path Towards Full Value Potential

3D printing being now mature enough for end-use parts production, it is now ready to disrupt traditional manufacturing, as it enables companies to manufacture on-demand, to distribute production, and to perform mass customization.