The revolution of 3D printing is on, and in few years from now obsolescence will have become obsolete! How Additive Manufacturing will create infinite lifetime?

On-demand manufacturing is leading the industry 4.0 revolution, producing components quickly and cost-effectively. On low-volume injection moulding parts and tooling, it can drastically reduce the Total cost of Ownership (TCO).

At Spare Parts 3D, we strongly believe that additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a game-changer for the manufacturing and supply chain industries.

If some famous companies like Boeing or BMW already took a step into AM, printing thousands of parts aiming at having more flexibility in customization, it is still very marginal compared to GE.

After having revolutionized the industrial design and prototyping industries, Spare Parts 3D believe that 3D printing is the solution for replacement spare parts.

If quality management within a specific factory is an industrial issue in itself, yet it is an even more complicated challenge in a distributed production organization. How to strictly control specific manufacturing parameters when you’re not in situ?

Manufacturers have to have a various set of external risks that might cause operational disruption. Locally producing spare parts with 3D printing helps them reduce or even eliminate some of the business risks that can be beyond their control.

As EU plans to implement the Right to Repair regulations, home appliance manufacturers must prepare themselves by shifting their mentality and adopt the appropriate solutions, such as digital manufacturing and IoT.

3D printing has been applied in the renewable energy industry to explore an alternative production process to make parts of renewable energy equipment to accelerate the development of the industry.

Having a more resilient supply chain allows businesses to minimize the negative impacts of disruptions or the time required to recover from the disruption. To do so, firms must have a well-planned and flexible sourcing strategy as discussed in this blog post.