Under the lead of a senior engineer, your main objectives (not restrictive) will consist in:

  • Manage the production of 3D printing of parts (3D model cleaning, part slicing, post-processing, quality check, etc).
  • Are highly curious and creative and a hands-on problem solver.
  • Interested in materials, making and fabrication processes.
  • Interested in the digitization of traditional processes.
  • Can smoothly navigate competing priorities, tight deadlines, and last minute projects.
  • A friendly communicator who can interface with all teams to get things done.


Requirements and expected skills:

  • In-study of a Master degree in Material science or Mechanical/Industrial Engineering (Singaporean University or elligible to WHP),
  • Exceptionally motivated and willing to learn.
  • Team player.
  • Rapid problem solver.
  • Rigorous and conscientious at work.
  • Very focused and can operate efficiently with minimal supervision.


  • Familiarity with CAD software.
  • Experience with 3D printing.
  • Experience in Python.


Your main objective (not restrictive) will consist in:

  • Industrialization project : supporting the development of our customers’ catalogue of 3D printable spare parts,
  • Responssable of the of the distributed production and quality management,
  • Process analysis and improvement: Improving, standardizing and qualifying our production processes, together with our machine manufacturers, research and certification partners,


  • 1-2 years of exp,
  • Master degree in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering,
  • Experience in 3D modelling and printing process (FDM, SLA, MFJ,…),
  • Exceptionally motivated and willing to learn,
  • Team player,

Bonus points

  • Additive manufacturing industry experience,
  • Can get hands into some codes (Python, C++).