What you’ll be working on:

Full Stack:

  • Work in an agile environment with other developers on an industrial-grade SaaS,
  • Program new features, deploy and maintain using mainly Django framework,


Integration and automation of engineering processes:

  • Bring innovative features to the existing software tools to improve SP3D’s industrialization capabilities,
  • Create bridges between applications to smoothen the engineering workflow,
  • Build internal (clean and reusable) tools to improve testing and experimentations,
  • Ship reliable software through continuous integration, test automation, and code reviews,
  • Good understanding and speaking level of English


Requirements and expected skills:

  • BS/MS in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related field with equivalent practical experience,
  • You can speak Python, C#, C++, Java and some local dialects such as HTML/CSS/JS-JQuery,
  • You already used one of those cloud services AWS, Google Cloud or Azure,
  • Solid understanding of software architecture,
  • Experience in building REST APIs,


Deployment and maintenance of different systems/apps:

  • App development focused around: geometrical computation, computation vision, Machine learning
  • UI / UX prototyping, deployment, and continuous improvement of the visual features
  • Engineering data management and IP protection,
  • Deploy and support our operational IT backbone infrastructure from customer order collection to production and quality assurance,
  • Secure company’s and customers’ data throughout operations,
  • Have an understanding and appreciation of web engineering best practices,


  • Python, C#, C++, and Java,
  • HTML/CSS/JS-JQuery,
  • SQL and no-SQL databases,
  • AWS, Google Cloud or Azure,


  • Up to 1200 sgd / month (depending  on study level)